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Most Played - October

These are the games that have been most played in October, and are in a random order (reload the page for a different order).

Jack Ice  
Blast the enemies with Jackice's ice gun, until they are totally frozen. Then use the frozen enemy as a giant snowball to crush others.

Tag Attack  
Tag the aliens with your mouse to destroy them.

That Gravity Game  
Play as a marshmallow who falls into a gravity machine.

Number Master  
Can you determine the four digit code?

Mass Attack  
Drop weights to balance the scales. It's much more addictive than it sounds!

Word Wanderer  
Jack and the Beanstalk meets a crossword puzzle.

Red Lead  
UK Comic Relief charity game. Help the red noses bounce across to safety.

Dream Catcher  
Catch the 'dreams' and avoid the red spikes.

Arcade Lines  
Line up balls 5 in a row, made a little easier with power-ups.

Go Squirrel  
Join the squirrel on her psychedelic journey high into the sky!!!

Lofty Tower 2  
Lift these lofty towers up to sky-scraping heights.

Trapped In Time  
Guide your super-dude around the platform in carefully planned jumps.

10 Second Click  
How many times can you click the mouse in 10 seconds?

Fat Slice  
Slice up shapes by dragging your mouse through them.

Lucky Balls  
Circular version of the game where you clear the screen of bubbles by forming groups of 3 of the same colour.

Jigsaw Puzzles  
The classic jigsaw puzzle brought to the computer.

Square Man  
Very square platform game!

Common Answers  
Compete with the rest of the world by predicting the most common answers to 10 easy questions.

Blocks are falling from the sky. Climb them as quickly as you can to avoid the rising liquid!

Connect 2  
Connect pairs of matching tiles by creating a path between them and clear all the tiles before the time runs out.


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