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Can you Zap all of the meanies?

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This item requires a version of Java - if you are having any problems, then please view our Java information page.

  • The object of the game is to zap all of the meanies
  • You can zap meanies in two ways, by forcing them to collide with each other or by zapping them
  • Press Enter to start a level
  • The score for zapping a meanie is equal to the level you are on. The score for colliding meanies is equal to twice the level you are on, for each meanie, unless you are waiting, in which case the score is three times the level.
  • Tip 1: make sure that none of the squares surrounding the square you are moving to have a meanie
  • Tip 2: meanies that move diagonally towards you will not collide with another meanie
  • Tip 3: try to keep towards the middle of the screen so that the meanies are more likely to collide with each other
  • Author: Neil Rashbrook: www.nrr.co.uk

Use the numeric keypad keys or their equivalent to move as follows:

7 or Home

8 or Up

9 or PgUp

4 or Left

5 or Space

6 or Right

1 or End

2 or Up

3 or PgDn

Pressing 5 or space lets the blue meanies move without moving yourself. There are also three special keys available:

  • w: wait until you or all the blue meanies are dead. You score more whenever you can use this option.
  • z: zaps all of the blue meanies next to you. You score less whenever you use this option.
  • t: Always teleports you to a random location, however, if you have no teleports left you cannot guarantee surviving the transportation.

[If the game stops responding to the keyboard, please click the playing area]


Please read the terms & conditions before playing any of the games. This game and all games on BrainBashers and BrainBashers Games are used with permission. This game is a fixed size, and cannot be resized.

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