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Tentacle Beast

Fly around dodging the monster in the water whilst collecting coins.
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  • Did grandpa ever tell you about his flying machine?
  • Fly around dodging the monster in the water collecting coins on your jet pack.
  • This sepia toned high-score game is the perfect waste of 5 minutes.
  • Tags: fly, avoid, monster, unusual, hover.


Tentacle Beast is a very simple game that gets increasingly more difficult the longer you manage to survive. The beast grows more tentacles and the coins seem trickier to reach.

Occasionally a power-up appears that gives you plenty of coins to collect, but be quick, as they don't stay for long.

We liked the fact that this was a perfect waste of 10 minutes, where you can challenge your friends to collect more coins.

Score: 6/10

This game and all games on BrainBashers and BrainBashers Games are used with permission.

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