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Snake Pit

Catch 20 mice with the snake to progress to the next level.
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This item requires a version of Java - if you are having any problems, then please view our Java information page.


  • Use the cursor keys to move the snake, P to pause, S to start.
  • 10 points per mouse, 200 points per level.
  • An extra life at 500 points.
  • Catch 20 mice to progress to the next level - via red key (which appears on-screen).
  • If the game stops responding to the keyboard, please click the playing area.
  • Tags: mice, catch, snake, avoid, tail.


This is one of BrainBashers first games and it's stood the test of time. Many phones now come with a similar game and many people will have played for many hours.

This game has a small addition where you have to catch the mice to proceed to the next level, and the levels get harder and harder with some tricky mazes to traverse.

Take your time, and think about a route you can do around the maze, and most of all don't panic!

Score: 7/10

This game and all games on BrainBashers and BrainBashers Games are used with permission.

This game is a fixed size, and cannot be resized.

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