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Pearl Hunt

Get 10 pearls through the maze before the time runs out.
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  • You have to get the pearls to the bottom of the maze
  • Click the orange clam shells to shift the rows of the maze horizontally and vertically by pushing in that direction.
  • Collect the coins and stars for extra points and time.
  • Tags: maze, collect, pearls, drop, coins, time.


The game seems quite complicated when you first play. When you click the clams, the rows are pushed from that end, and pearls either move along, or drop if there is a space below. The pearl then either fall into the space(s) below, or lands on something. If you land on something the key on the left tells you what happens.

The jellyfish randomly moves that marble to another place on the grid. A spiky fish 'pops the field' which rearranges everything.

This game becomes a lot of fun once you've mastered it, and we very much enjoyed the puzzle element involved. As your ability increases, you can create some very nice chutes to drop pearls to the bottom in just a few moves.

Score: 7/10

This game and all games on BrainBashers and BrainBashers Games are used with permission.

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