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Mushroom Life

The game of life with mushrooms.
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  • Mushroom Life appears on BrainBashers with the full knowledge and permission of the author.
  • This is the game of life. A cell lives or dies based on its neighbours, and some very interesting patterns can emerge from some very simple rules.
  • Loneliness : a mushroom with 1 or 0 neighbours dies.
  • Overcrowding : a mushroom with 4 or more neighbours dies.
  • Stability : a mushroom with 2 or 3 neighbours survives.
  • Birth : an empty space with 3 neighbours sprouts a new mushroom.
  • Try these shapes:

This game and all games on BrainBashers and BrainBashers Games are used with permission.

This game is a fixed size, and cannot be resized.

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