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Maya Boom

Place bombs to rid the baddies using the explosions, while keeping the good guys alive.
   Please read the disclaimer before playing any of the games.


  • Place bombs around the baddies to either blow them off the screen, or blow them against something that hurts. Remember that your bombs are limited on each level.
  • Some levels have a goodie you have to protect, so be careful.
  • Simply click to place a bomb, and press Space to detonate.
  • Tags: bomb, detonate, solve, puzzle, protect, blast.


The more bombs you place together, the larger the explosion. Remember there is often more than one way to kill a baddie, whilst protecting any goodies that might be around.

You don't have to use all of your bombs at the same time, you can use them individually to move things around to help.

This is a good physics puzzle game, that we found to be on the easy side, but still quite addictive.

Score: 7/10

This game and all games on BrainBashers and BrainBashers Games are used with permission.

If you've changed the size of your browser clicking here will reload the page and resize the game. This game requires Flash, a link to the latest version can be found on the games' page.

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