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Featured Games

Some games can be played on the BrainBashers puzzle/illusion (BB), some are third-party, external games (BB), otherwise they part of BrainBashers Games.

Ice Castle Blaster  
Demolish the castles in front of you using your catapult.

Nightmares On Wax  
Move the boards to navigate your ball down through the mazes.

Virus Killer  
The ultimate pop everything game - kill all of the viruses.

World Wars  
Take the world by force. Battle 1 to 7 opposing armies. Wage war and strategize your way to victory.

Click Drag 1  
Click it, drag it, solve it!

Tricky puzzle where you have to line up tiles in rows and columns.

Navigate the simple mazes, but watch out, your mouse movement has been reversed! Very addictive!

Reverse 2  
Navigate the simple mazes, but watch out, your mouse movement has been reversed.

Last Egg Standing  
Catch the eggs before they splatter against the floor.

Tiny GP  
Become the number one driver in the world - just use your mouse to lead the car around scaled down versions of all 18 Grand Prix circuits.

Arcade Lines  
Line up balls 5 in a row, made a little easier with power-ups.

Rapid Fire  
Fire at the moving targets as accurately as you can.

Line Game  
Move your mouse and guide the line around the moving maze.

Mouse 1.0  
Guide your mouse through all of the different obstacle laden levels.

You are trapped in a fiendish maze. Can you escape by solving the puzzles?

Trapped Again  
Once more you are trapped. Can you escape the fiendish maze by solving the puzzles?

Moon Cave  
Guide your little ship around the caves collecting fuel along the way.

Starship Eleven  
Guide your little starship around a maze of levels in this addictive game.

Pharaoh's Treasure  
Find squares of matching Pharaoh's treasure.

Techno Bounce  
Keep the ball bouncing with the three blocks.

Mind Reader  
Be amazed as the computer reads your mind!

Can you find the hidden button in time?

Martian Madfish  
Help a lone fish from Mars make a giant jump towards planet Earth.

Spy A Solution  
Help Barry negotiate 20 challenges with increasing difficulty in order to save his job.

Grab your racket and head to the courts. How long can you balance the tennis racket?


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