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BrainBashers Collection Of Games

On BrainBashers™ Games we have collected together some of the best games on the Internet and you will find all sorts of games, including arcade, action, adventure, puzzle, word and many more. Some of these games require the latest versions of Java, Flash or Shockwave. Some games can be played on the BrainBashers puzzle/illusion website (BB), some are third-party, external games (BB), otherwise they part of BrainBashers Games. Please read the disclaimer before playing any of the games.

Featured Games

Blob Twist  
Arrange the blobs and create a chain reaction.

Move the blocks to the corresponding targets in this interesting puzzle game.

Sling, flick and snap through 20 levels of puzzling action fun!

That Gravity Game  
Play as a marshmallow who falls into a gravity machine.

Daily Futoshiki  
Sudoku-type game with the addition of less-than and greater-than signs.

Daily MathemaGrids  
Complete the grid, using the digits 1-9, and make the sums correct?

Dig It Puzzle  
Use your mouse to drag, flip, spin and drop the tiles to reveal a hidden treasure box.

Pipol Destinations  
Guide your 'Pipol' to their respective destinations through 20 levels.

Daily ABC Path  
Place the letters A to Y in the grid so that every le